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An independent strategic partner for startups and organizations looking for expertise in digital entrepreneurship and innovation. 
Accelerate your objectives and reduce your risk of failing; by assisting you with business strategy, interim entrepreneurship and innovation management.


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Insights and inspiration on new technologies
and innovation.

As an outsider, I work with you on growth and embracing uncertainty. Chances are managed properly and opportunities are pursued by researching new technologies, building an engaging culture, setting a vision, prototype or partnering up with startups and vendors.

Accelerate growth or develop new products
and business models. 

I bring a broad skill set to your brand and projects. I infuse business with creative craftsmanship, C-level coaching and workshops for interactive design thinking. In many cases, I can also make change happen.

Building corporate venturing and open innovation capabilities.

Creating innovation ecosystems, research environments, incubators, startups-up spaces, design studios, experience centers that fosters cross-disciplinary approaches to growth and development. Activating economic, physical and networking assets.

Join the online sessions on
New Entrepreneurship.

After years of building brands, digital products and companies for many technology entrepreneurs and corporations. Both from the private sector as a entrepreneur, creative director and managing partner and from the perspective of a government employee. I like to share my experiences and resources in these online sessions.

Learn more about:

  • Where to look for opportunities and how to create a vision.

  • Understand the platform economy and new business models.

  • How to come up with strong ideas and validate them.

  • Understanding your innovation ecosystem.

  • You the entrepreneur, can you inspire and lead a team.

  • Map your risks and learn to capture value.

Bedankt voor de inzending!

Working with Technology startups on:
  1. Product - Building a product that people want and love is no coincidence. It’s the result of a trained and dedicated team in a trusted environment, much trail-and-error and user-testing routines, a lot of polishing up and much more.

  2. Go-to-market - By measuring and empathizing with prioritized stakeholders we optimize the energy for growth maximization. Communicate the future and activate desire.

  3. Narrative - Building the brand and communicating the vision for the team and external stakeholders.

  4. Building teams - Connecting the right talent (design, technology and business) and establishing trust so that quality can flourish. Building culture with rituals and constructing a set of beliefs that supports scaling without missing out on the soul of your organization.

  5. Craftsmanship - Adapting the best process to bring the execution up to speed while minimizing risk. Mastering the technology and becoming expert in your field is key to create new value and let creativity flourish.

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Speaking and
virtual meetings on:

- Digital transformation.

- Corporate venturing.

- Innovation ecosystems & spaces. 

- Design thinking and business design.

- VR/AR Technology bird's-eye view. 

- AI Technology bird's-eye view.

- Prototyping and future visioning.

- Finding and recruiting creative talent.

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