Creativity World Forum 2014 by Flanders DC

I invest time, energy and money to support entrepreneurs and organizations with a design mindset to make a positive impact.


With more than 15 years of experience as a UX-expert and creative director I co-founded the digital product-design studio Little Miss Robot. In 2014 I co-founded Wonderland where I help companies explore new opportunities with design-led innovation and business-prototyping in a time of digital transformation. Little Miss Robot and Wonderland are today part of Leapforward, the design and innovation group of technology network Cronos. 

As a renowned designer and creative entrepreneur, I guest lectured at academic institutions including Vlerick business school, Berlin School of Creative Leadership, among others. I collaborated with the Creative Network. In my spare time I advise creative entrepreneurs and I act as a mentor in several European startup-incubators and accelerators.

As former head of the VR/AR technology lab, I was responsible for connecting the industry that seeks to create ‘Factories of the future’ to the research center of the world best gaming school Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest.


I have a passion for anything in life that’s creative. I believe that more people should learn how to apply design-thinking, not only to create value, but also in their personal lives.


Design is all about envisioning and creating the world you’d like to live in.

TEDx Scotland, Business By Design


"I met Valentijn during the development of MaterialSource. During that year, he was an important person for the entire team (± 120 people). Valentijn is good at creating within a certain business context. He knows what is technically feasible and can therefore motivate programmers to go to the limit. He is an inspired creative leader with a focus on quality. Moreover, he maps pros and cons in meetings quickly, clearly, and above all honestly."

Veroniek Hermans, Coordinator at Innovation and Design Euregio (IDE)

"I enjoyed seeing Valentijn so dedicated - very insightful and always focused on ensuring we're on track."
Giovanna Zaaruolo, Unilever, European Operations Manager.

Contact  ∣   Legal   ∣  Sint-Salvatorstraat 18/303, 9000 Gent, Belgium
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