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Biotech startup
One Tap by Bar.on

Bar.on, a Belgian beverage startup, has created the world’s first molecular beer printer, which can produce multiple types of beer in seconds.

“As a science company, we are building smart devices to demonstrate the capabilities of digitising beverages,” said Valentijn Destoop, chief product officer.

Corporate & open innovation
OneUp, building sustainable business models

OneUp Amsterdam builds start-ups on emerging technologies for big companies: a kind of one-stop shop in start-up thinking.

Quidante collaborates with oneUp Amsterdam on forward studies and corporate innovation portfolios for global leaders such as PVH, APG, Unilever and Beiersdorf. Quidante also provides strategic support in building innovation departments and implementing software for a more data-driven innovation management.

Digital products & platforms
Ontoforce, visual analytics, semantic search, and linked data technologies

The Ontoforce platform enables you to process, transform, secure, and orchestrate data from disparate data sources, giving you a reliable view enabling self-service data discovery.

Quidante provides strategic sprints for Ontoforce and acts as an external challenger, triggering product, brand, growth and innovation developments.

Corporate & open innovation
Wonderlabs, open innovation & co-creation program

Wonderlabs is a “meet-learn-make” open innovation and co-creation program for corporates, focused on new business models and exponential technologies such as IoT, blockchain and AI. Every year a limited number of corporates from different industries are offered the opportunity to send three of their high potentials to this multi-day hackathon.

Quidante was responsible for business strategy and creative direction.

Hangar K, a co-creation hub and start-up campus

With Hangar K, Kortrijk wants to counteract the regional brain drain and low start-up rates. The Hangar K community inspires and supports entrepreneurship & innovation through network facilities, co-working spaces, and open innovation projects.

Quidante was responsible for project development and creative direction.

Corporate & open innovation
Launching the Belgium PwC digital experience center

PwC deploys expertise in audit, tax and advisory services to help companies create added value. PwC has created a digital innovation experience center for Belgian stakeholders. This serves as a gateway to exponential technologies and is the ultimate environment for stimulating new ideas, partnerships and culture change.

Quidante was responsible for concept development.

Business experience
Creative Network, Creative Fair Play & Let's Think Design

Creative Network is an internationally renowned network of creative professionals and agencies. Since 2007, Creative Network has been connecting talent with an online platform and design events. The database consists of more than 330 designers from various disciplines, supported by a network of more than 10,000 creatives.

In 2015, Valentijn Destoop was co-founder of this online and offline network. He was responsible for business design and concept development.

Business experience
Wonderland, business design & innovation

Wonderland is an innovation and venture studio on a mission to create meaningful companies and build outstanding innovation teams. Wonderland’s passion is to help other entrepreneurs and corporate innovators design and develop new growth opportunities and revenue streams.

From 2014 to 2018, Valentijn Destoop was founder, business designer and managing partner at Wonderland. Since 2018, Wonderland is part of the LeapForward group.

Business experience
Little Miss Robot, digital product design

Little Miss Robot is a digital product design studio based in Ghent, which has designed numerous innovative digital experiences in Belgium and abroad. Little Miss Robot helps to invent, prototype, and launch digital products that meet customer needs in a fast-moving world.

From 2009 to 2014, Valentijn Destoop was co-founder, creative director and managing partner. Since 2018, Little Miss Robot is part of the LeapForward group.

Corporate & open innovation
Hack The Future, an experience driven hackaton (powered by the Cronos Group)

Hack The Future, an experience driven hackaton (powered by the Cronos Group)
Hack The Future is the biggest hackaton in Belgium. Every year young people come together to code, learn and experiment with innovative technologies. It is a unique opportunity for students to get a taste of inspiring jobs at the Cronos IT giants.

Quidante was responsible for growth strategy and creative direction.

Digital products & platforms
FinTech, business model innovation for KBC

KBC and Wonderland developed and tested new adjacent and disruptive business models for the banking sector. By applying lean and design-driven methodologies, high value results could be achieved within short timeframes and a limited budget.

Quidante was responsible for business strategy and creative direction.

Digital products & platforms
VRT Online Radioplus

The VRT Innovation Lab wanted to optimize and thoroughly renew its online radio. An ambitious proof of concept was conceived, designed, and developed to inspire and stimulate the VRT in developing a creative and strategic roadmap for future online radio.

Quidante was responsible for UX strategy and creative direction.

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