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Design Influences on Innovation for Manufacturing Companies

The design innovation spectrum was developed from this research to contribute to profit (consultancies) and non-profit (governmental and non-governmental) organisations supporting manufacturing companies, by providing a holistic map of design influences on innovation to encourage the use of extensive areas of design to increase various forms of innovation to enhance global competitiveness.

The paper has identified the extensive influences of design—through designing, design strategy and corporate-level design thinking—in enhancing equally the extensive parameters of innovation including technological, products/services, process, and organisational innovation. Innovation is regarded as a key to re-establishing manufacturing strength in a rapidly changing global market, so rather than focusing primarily on traditional technology-led development, there is a strong push for manufacturing companies to utilise the expanding parameters of innovation more broadly in areas including process and organisational innovation at both the strategic and operational levels of business to increase competitiveness. This paper establishes the expanding parameters of design (the Design Spectrum) and innovation (the Innovation Spectrum), and the link between the two in the form of the Design Innovation Spectrum, to identify where and how design can be influential in cultivating innovation.

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Copyright: © 2017 Na, Choi, and Harrison. Copyright for this article is retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the International Journal of Design.


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