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18 Prototyping tools for validating new business opportunities.

In an era where business models, products and services are continually challenged by new technologies, prototyping offers a way to speed up the development process and lower the risks of failure.

When working on new concepts for your company or startup, it is tempting to keep on polishing your hypotheses and to maintain your dream about your product or service conquering the world. We know though that this causes up to 80% of newly launched products and services to fail. When you do not really understand your customer and what she or he wants, you are likely to create something nobody really wants or needs.

Prototyping your products or services in an early stage helps you to test the market and receive user feedback before actually fully developing the new product or service. This maximizes the chance of creating something people love and want to buy.

The framework is developed in collaboration with Vlerick Business School. Contact for more info on the full 34 page document.


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