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Partner in technology innovation and entrepreneurship
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What should be my vision for the future when it comes to new technologies and market evolutions?

From a multisectoral experience and a passion for technological evolutions, Quidante will help you grow. We will translate complex topics into concrete takeaways. And from a business reality, we will convert new opportunities for your organization into a clear vision with strategic actions and tangible results.

How do we create the winning business model and / or digital solution?

With many years of experience in designing, building, and marketing digital solutions, Quidante will assist your organization in strategic investments. We will help you create future business models and support your organization in the cost-efficient validation of prototypes with potential customers or investors.

As a growing organization, how can I innovate and upscale my business more efficiently?

Quidante is an expert in creating stimulating innovation ecosystems, multidisciplinary research environments, dynamic incubators and design studios. These networks and labs will strengthen your competitive advantage with external ideas, digital know-how and talents. In this way, you can maintain a healthy balance between exploitation and exploration, even as a large organization.


"We are very proud and so thankful to have you onboard as part of our team! You help us focus and excel, while keeping our feet on the ground and above all offering us the so needed “bigger picture”."

Xavier Leclair, CEO Slow cabins 

"I met Valentijn during the development of MaterialSource. During that year, he was an important person for the entire team (± 120 people). Valentijn is good at creating within a certain business context. He knows what is technically feasible and can therefore motivate programmers to go to the limit. He is an inspired creative leader with a focus on quality. Moreover, he maps pros and cons in meetings quickly, clearly, and above all honestly."

Veroniek Hermans, Coordinator at Innovation and Design Euregio (IDE)

"I enjoyed seeing Valentijn so dedicated - very insightful and always focused on ensuring we're on track."
Giovanna Zaaruolo, Unilever, European Operations Manager.

Working with start-ups on:
  1. Your product - A user-friendly and outstanding product does not come about by chance. It is the result of a team that has been given the time and trust to explore, test and adjust. From our experience with creative direction and user experience, we can strengthen your team when it comes to e.g. concept design, customer journeys and enhancing user experience.

  2. Your go-to-market - You may now have a fantastic new product, but you still need to market it, and as a start-up, this is not always easy. We can help you analyze and win over priority stakeholders, effectively channel your energy, and create the need for your product. 

  3. Your story - We support you in building your brand. We make sure you can communicate your vision, both internally to the team and to external stakeholders such as investors, customers, and corporates.

  4. Your team - We help you bring together the right talents in design, technology, and business. We support you in building trust so that your team can continue to grow. We also help you create an organizational culture that will allow you to scale up without losing the start-up spirit. 

  5. Your structure - We guide you in choosing and applying the best processes to quickly build products while limiting risks. You will learn to master the tools and become an expert in your field. In this way, you can continue to create new value. 

Keynotes &
virtual meetings about:

- Digital transformation
- Corporate venturing
- Innovation ecosystems & innovation spaces
- Design thinking & business design
- VR / AR technology & opportunities
- AI technology & opportunities
- Prototyping & future thinking
- Finding & recruiting creative talents

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